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Our Cousin Ashlie, The Goat Whisperer | A Hillsboro Ohio Senior Photo Shoot

In a little town called Hillsboro located north of Cincinnati lives our cousin Ashlie, and as it would turn out she is one of the most winning people in the state who shows goats. This is year senior year, and we were invited out to shoot a few senior portraits. Like, we knew she was good, but then we saw her award wall and realized we were now photographing the Michael Jordan of goat showing. Here’s to you Ashlie and what we hope is an amazing senior year!

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Annie + Corben Wedding Celebration | Cincinnati OH

This trip around the sun has been one for the books for Bird and Rose Photography. Maybe I am writing this a little late since we are already two weeks into the new year. Never-the-less, here we are. We got to start the year off with beer, tacos, and love. As cliche as that may sound, we aren't lying. Annie and Corben know how to celebrate. In the last year, they have gotten married, bought a house, and had the cutest little babe. Capturing all of their most awesome moments this past year, we were so happy to do it again with them.

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Denise + Sean | Wedding Cincinnati. OH

When you come across the combination of a couple's love for each other and a passion for their hometown, you have beer and love. Denise and Sean's day was filled with a whole lot of love and a whole lot of beer, from a hometown favorite Rhinegeist Brewery... Oh! and did we mention that Denise works for an awesome taco place, if you're from Cincinnati you're sure to have heard of Gomez Salsa. Cheers!

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