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Hey Everyone! Come Look At Our Wedding Venue! | The Factory In Northside Cincinnati.

As some of you may or may not know we are getting married ourselves in just over three weeks. We have been hard at work finishing up all the details and then had a thought. We are getting married in a brand new venue here in Cincinnati why not show it off a bit? Everyone, please meet The Factory. The team there has been absolutely killing it getting things together and each time we show off the photos there are a lot of praise for the space. The space itself is large, accommodating, and gives us butterflies each time we stop in.

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Our Cousin Ashlie, The Goat Whisperer | A Hillsboro Ohio Senior Photo Shoot

In a little town called Hillsboro located north of Cincinnati lives our cousin Ashlie, and as it would turn out she is one of the most winning people in the state who shows goats. This is year senior year, and we were invited out to shoot a few senior portraits. Like, we knew she was good, but then we saw her award wall and realized we were now photographing the Michael Jordan of goat showing. Here’s to you Ashlie and what we hope is an amazing senior year!

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Megan + Adam | A Cincinnati Ohio Wedding

Our relationship with Megan and Adam started over wine and a hilarious engagement shoot where they each styled themselves after their favorite comedians. It was in that moment we know their wedding would be anything short of a good time, and trust us, it was a good time. A ceremony set against the backdown of the always gorgeous Bell Event Center right here in our very own Cincinnati, Ohio, this day was special for all those who attended. To Adam and Megan, thank you for having us out to be a part of your big day.

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Drinks, Dogs, And A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Yes, It's As Good As It Sounds. | Andrew And Jenna | A Cincinnati Engagement

Let’s be honest, Andrew and Jenna’s dog stole the show during this engagement shoot. We spent the afternoon sharing stories and spending time at their favorite bar and first date venue, Liberty’s Bar And Bottle. Sooooo, basically what we’re trying to say is, if you want to bring your dogs to our shoots we aren’t going to be upset.

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This wedding was, like, pretty cool, and that's just like our opinion, man. | A Cincinnati, Ohio Wedding

The title of this blog? Maybe a little sarcastic, but those who are keen to a bit of movie fun will recognize that line from the film The Big Lebowski. Jill and Andy, are, like, big fans. Once this little bit of information was found out we all pretty much became best friends.

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