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This wedding was, like, pretty cool, and that's just like our opinion, man. | A Cincinnati, Ohio Wedding

The title of this blog? Maybe a little sarcastic, but those who are keen to a bit of movie fun will recognize that line from the film The Big Lebowski. Jill and Andy, are, like, big fans. Once this little bit of information was found out we all pretty much became best friends.

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Gia and The Blooms + One

Happy almost spring! Even though it doesn't particularly feel like in in Ohio. A few weeks ago, Rose spent some time with Yulia from Gia & The Blooms photographing her in her home and at her beautiful store down in Over-The-Rhine. Yulia is such a beautiful soul and we can't wait until her baby arrives. Any day now...

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Megan + Tony

We've been trying to collect pieces of video along side our photos we take of our clients. They have been gracious enough to let us take the extra time to capture these moments and we are so grateful for people like Megan and Tony. At first, they said they were a little nervous, but when they got in front on the camera, it was like they had forgotten we were there. Cheers to our first maternity video!

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