Taylor + Matt Home Session

I just realized that I haven't blogged for us in over a freaking month! It has just been such a wild ride lately. I started a new teaching job and life just seems to get busier by the day. I decided to do my work while sitting in bed today so I can say that I "rested" ha! Anyways, we are absolutely still SWOONING over this home session with Taylor and Matt. I met Taylor while working closely with Gia + The Blooms over the past year and she is just so cute and creative! I basically told her I would be doing photos of her and her cute husband any day now and guess what! I bugged her enough to make it happen! 

Matt + Taylor met in college while going to UC. Matt says it was love at first sight, but Taylor told him he needed two years to mature, and she gave him to years to do just that. (insert crying laughing emoji) Their favorite thing to do together is eat tacos, hike with their doggo and binge on Netflix while quoting Aunt Lydia. *praise be*

Their other favorite thing is pouring all of the rest of their love into their home with DIY projects. As you will see in these images below.

So enjoy all of these swoon-worthy photos of Taylor + Matt ANDDDD their cute furbabies. 

P.S. Please make note of the triangle shelves Matt made. He is super proud of them and wants to make sure everyone knows he built them.


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