John + Cody Home Session

How sweet is this love? Two dancers meet when they are just teenagers and fall in tempo with one another. Having friends that share such a beautiful love for one another, how they just float so effortlessly around, is just so entrancing. It is like a dance. John is one of my old friends from high school. We shared Spanish class together. He was always so vibrant and happy everyday. I didn't meet Cody until a few years ago and he was just as caring and kind as John is.

Their home is something out of a magazine and their ombre stairs are what my dreams are made of. Carefully curated pieces hang on their walls, plants cascade down their stairway, and a small jungle of plants live in their dining room.  And we can not forget their color coordinated closet. Their home really reflects the love they share ; effortless and beautiful. I hope you enjoy these images and feel their love radiate through your computer screen.

Shay NartkerComment