West Coast Lovin'

Hello! Sorry we haven't posted in a while. Shay and myself have been busy with our full time jobs and also keeping up with personal lives while trying to find some time to sleep and watch The Office, because I mean, you always need time to watch the office. A few weeks ago we ventured to The Golden State. I have fallen in love with the West Coast many times and I think Shay did when we went for my birthday to Portland a few months back. L.A. was a new place for the both of us because I am definitely not counting the time we drove through it when I was 8 and my brother and I both complained in the back seat the whole time because we thought it was boring. Although our stay was short, we both fell in love with this place. The people, the views, and the food captured us... oh, and it did help that we rented a Porsche for a day to drive around from this awesome couple. We even got to see someone propose to their girlfriend over dinner and saw Terrell Owens walk into a restaurant. I was a little sad when I didn't see Ryan Gosling walking in Beverly Hills, but I will forgive him.

Anyways, we love you, West Coast and we will be back.